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Smart Garage Door Installation | The Answers You Have Been Needing

At The Rolling Door Experts, we are considerably proud that our reputation proceeds us - as one of the industry's most trusted and sought-after electronic roller door shutter installation businesses. Our highly valued clientele have always been left delighted with their investment in an electronic roller door shutter and the service they have received from our competent team of ex-servicemen. 


Following are the most frequently asked questions of the customers that have invested in a smart garage door from The Rolling Door Experts:

My garage door is 2200mm wide. Will it be the same price to purchase and install a roller shutter garage door?

Yes. At The Rolling Door Experts, our standard garage door size is a maximum of 2500mm and will be made to measure on-site. Replacing a garage door with one of the standard size doors will be at no extra cost.

What will become of my old garage door? 

The Rolling Door Expert fitter installing your electric operator garage door will dismount and responsibly dispose of your old garage door - this service is included in the installation price.

How will the new smart roller garage door be fitted?

The roller garage doors available from The Rolling Door Experts will be attached to your garage space using durable fixings through the side channels and plates - these can be mounted between or behind your piers to allow the door to open and close. The standard height electric operator fixings used will be dependent on the existing type of garage you have; however, we are proud to say that there is no difference in cost between the various wall-mounted fixings!


For these types of garage door openings, the following are the most common:


  • For brick-built garages, the installation professional from The Rolling Door Experts will use masonry fixings. 

  • For wooden timber garages, the installation professional from The Rolling Door Experts will use woodscrews. 

  • For steel buildings, the installation professional from The Rolling Door Experts will use self-drilling screws. 

  • For pre-cast concrete garages, the installation professional from The Rolling Door Experts will use either coach bolts or new timber frame UPVC cladding - this will be at the installer's discretion.

How much does the shipping of a smart roller garage door cost?

The shipping of your new rolling garage door is included in the price. Contact the team at The Rolling Door Experts team for your bespoke quote today.

What will happen to my electronic garage door if I experience a power cut to my property?

At The Rolling Door Experts, each of the electrical garages doors we have available come equipped with a manual override as standard - should you experience a power outage. A manual override, required by law, enables the roller garage door to be winded up and down manually. Alternatively, should your property not have a back door, you will be equipped with a waist-level external override - this is lockable and accessible from outside for £125.

I would like to purchase a garage door; how do I make payment?

Payment of your new electronic garage door can be made over the phone or using The Rolling Door Expert's online shop.

What areas do The Rolling Door Experts cover?

Although based in the South East of England, The team at The Rolling Door Experts are proud to extend our services across the UK.

Why should I choose The Rolling Door Experts for my roller shutter needs?

The Rolling Door Experts are proud to offer competitively low prices on purchasing and installing all roller-type electric doors. Specialising solely in this type of garage door, we can cut out any unnecessary costs that our prospective customers may be subject to at the hands of a salesperson. 


When working with The Rolling Door Experts, there are no catches! The impressive price we advertise on-site for our single and double garage door installations is the final price customers will have to pay for our quality doors and exceptional services.


Able to be tailored to your specific requirements and the dimensions of your space, The Rolling Door Experts are second to none when you are looking for a Smart Garage Door that is both stylish and of optimum functionality. 


The team at the Rolling Door Experts are proud to extend our smart garage door fitting services to domestic and commercial properties across the UK. Contact the team today to inquire further regarding the installation of one of our single or double electrical roller garage doors for sale!

How secure are roller garage doors?

At The Rolling Door Experts we often get asked how secure are roller garage doors? Simply put they are one of the best ways to protect your property. At The Rolling Door Experts we only use the best materials, this includes the door profiles which are crafted from high-quality double layered insulated aluminium slats.

Most thieves in the UK act on opportunism and will always look for any areas of weakness to exploit.

The Rolling Door Experts doors have no visible locks or handle meaning a potential thief sees no obvious entry points.

In the past roller doors have been susceptible to forced attacks from below. However, all of the electric shutters we fit today feature a patented anti-lift locking system.

The simple yet highly effective anti-lift protection will stop the door being forcibly opened from below.

The guide channel of a roller door is another common area targeted by thieves and all of our roller doors feature extruded guide channels the extra material makes the guide channel less prone to attack.

A potential thief is unable to use tools to attack the shutter curtain and force entry in this area of the door.

Traditional up and over door are particularly susceptible to break in as they are usually flimsy material and only secure by the pivot point in the middle, meaning they are easy to leverage from below. 

In summary, rolling garage doors are much more secure than a traditional up and over door and by far one of the most secure ways to keep your property safe.